Posted by: ErrorPositiveInfinity | February 23, 2010

Eugene Lambert has died.

Eugene Lambert has died aged 82.

The Lambert Puppet Theatre, which Mr. Lambert founded in 1972, will be closing for two days as a mark of respect to it’s founder. Mr. Lambert was also known for the children’s television show Wanderly Wagon which has recently experienced a revival as a nostalgia piece.

I have very fond memories of the Lambert Puppet Theatre, and a clear recollection of Mr. Lambert and Judge arguing on stage, with Judge trying to give Mr. Lambert the literal run-round, and in general being incredibly cheeky, while the audience sat convulsed in laughter. So far as I recall, I never attended a show that Mr. Lambert did not also attend, walking out during the break to act as the comic relief. The times I spent in Lambert’s are some of my fondest memories of my childhood.

So much so that for my next birthday I was half-considering holding it at the Puppet Theatre, as a little bit of nostalgia. What made me want to do this was that I had been told that Mr. Lambert still appeared from time to time, occasionally performing for the audience, but more often waiting to speak to guests when they had finished. While I saw Mr. Lambert perform many times, I never actually met the man, and had wanted to. I am disappointed that I will not now get the opportunity.

RIP Eugene Lambert, probably Ireland’s greatest children’s entertainer.


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