ErrorPositiveInfinty is a blog designed to share certain thoughts about Ireland and the world, in particular the field of politics and policy. It is written by Stephen Fitzpatrick, who holds a degree in Politics and Economics, a postgraduate diploma in Legal Studies, and is a qualified barrister. He is a former member of the Young Progressive Democrats.

The name ErrorPositiveInfinity has no deep meaning. The author was experimenting with a calculator one day, several years ago, when it displayed that message. He had never seen this before, and could never again make the calculator give that message. He asked a group of his relatives what it meant, and although they could not tell him, one decided that it would be a wonderful name for a book. The author agreed, and then pushed it to the back of his mind. It emerged from there, blinking, nearly a decade later to become the name of this blog.

The author may be contacted at steve.fitzp@gmail.com


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